Education & Outreach

Below are several valuable programs which teach school age children about water and water resources. Contact the organization directly for information on bringing these programs to your school.

Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP)

The Mid Rio Grande Stormwater Quality Team funds a Stormwater Science program taught by Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program. A combination of in-classroom and field curriculum, the program teaches students that the health of the Rio Grande is directly tied to the health of the surrounding watershed and arroyos.


The Mid Rio Grande Stormwater Quality Team helps fund RiverXchange®, a program of Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District that connects 4th through 6th grade students and teaches them about water resources and personal responsibility for pollution prevention.

Arroyo Classroom

SSCAFCA funds the Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District Arroyo Classroom program for third graders began as a pilot in 2013 to promote safety near natural arroyos, awareness of the local environment and to teach students about the arroyos’ value as wildlife habitat. The program focus areas include Arroyo Safety, Animal and Plant Adaptations, Burrowing Owls and Bats.

Residential Rainwater Harvesting

In 2021, Ciudad SWCD used grant funding from the NM Soil and Water Conservation Commission and from the Alliance for Water Efficiency, and in partnership with Bernalillo County, to construct a prototype passive rainwater harvesting swale and basin feature at the historic Gutierrez-Hubbell House in Bernalillo County, and to produce a series of instructional videos about how such residential-scale passive rainwater harvesting features can be economically and simply constructed and maintained.

By harvesting rainwater you can create a beautiful, locally-adapted, low-water-use landscape in your own yard. Check out our training videos and resources:

residential rainwater harvesting