Interactive Kiosk for Children Created by the Stormwater Quality Team

Maps, Games and Videos Highlight Stormwater Runoff System and Its Link to Rio Grande

The Mid Rio Grande Stormwater Quality Team has created a kiosk to teach children about our area’s stormwater runoff system and what they can do to keep from polluting that system and the Rio Grande. The three-sided kiosk, which debuted at the Downtown Children’s Library, uses touch and video screens to engage and teach children that everything entering the stormwater system can end up in the Rio Grande – and provides practical tips on what they can do to keep our river clean.

The three-sided kiosk uses interactive screens to engage and teach kids that “all roads lead to the Rio Grande” and offers information on how people can help keep the river clean.

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“Scoop the Poop” Game

Children can select the dog they want and learn how to pick up after that dog. Information panels explain how to properly dispose of dog and cat waste and also explore common types of hazardous materials that pollute the Rio Grande, endangering the wildlife and people who rely on the river.

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Interactive Stormwater System Map

Children can press various point on the map to learn the role various arroyos and channels play in our stormwater system and how to keep from polluting that system.

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Interactive Educational Screen

Allows children to watch a variety of educational videos produces by the Stormwaters Team and reminds them that everything they throw on the ground flows to the Rio Grande.

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