Here are some PDFs with great information for you – feel free to download!

Rack Cards

 Dispose of Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) Properly Rack Card

 New Pet Rack Card

 Poop Fairy Rack Card

 Reduce Stormwater Pollution at Home Rack card

 Reduce Stormwater Pollution on the Job card


Handy New Guides for Septic Systems

Courtesy of the Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District, download these handy guides for Understanding How to Maintain your septic system, Septic – Hauling & Disposal and when and how to inspect a septic system when a property is being sold.

Septic Hauling Brochure

Septic Inspections Brochure

Septic Understanding Brochure


Stormwater Pollution Rack Cards

A simple rack card shows 10 easy ways to prevent stormwater pollution.

Reduce Stormwater Pollution at Home Rack card

Reduce Stormwater Pollution on the Job card

Bumper Stickers

Keep the Rio Grand! Bumpersticker

The message is simple: Keep the Rio Grand! Click here for a PDF.


Here’s the popular Scoop the Poop bumper sticker!
Click here to see a PDF.


This brochure teaches you how to reduce river pollution and contains a helpful map of the Albuquerque Metropolitan stormwater system. Click here for a full-sized PDF.


MRGSQT Doggie Dash & Dawdle Signs

Remember the old Burma Shave signs (or want to see what they are about)? Check out this fun little poem to remind folks to pick up after their pets, which is important because uncollected pet waste is a major pollutant of the Rio Grande! CONTINUE READING

Scoop the Poop Video

Pet waste contains harmful bacteria that can make you sick! Stormwater washes pet waste into storm drains that lead right to the river! Scoop the Poop and help keep the Rio Grand! CONTINUE READING

100 Billion Gallons!

Nearly 100 billion gallons of storm water flow across our metro area every year! This PSA gives a brief warning about trash flowing into the river.

Keeping the Rio Grand!

Keeping the Rio Grand! is a full-length educational video about efforts of the Mid Rio Grande Stormwater Quality Team to keep our river clean and how you can do your part. CONTINUE READING.